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The advanced and analytical audit approach focuses on internal control and operational process analysis to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in the processes/ practices. We work to identify the areas of weakness that violate or have the potential to violate legislative business policies, regulations and legal requirements. The end result gives our client streamlined operations which are safe and generates high ROIs

The end result of an internal audit is no longer limited to focusing on the processes and controls surrounding financial reporting. Internal audit now has a more strategic role. It can create value by identifying enterprise-wide risks, leveraging synergies, monitoring and providing early warning of new risks; and improving processes/ efficiency. We provide a platform to its clients to achieve more from the business by providing internal audit services of highest standard.

Risk Assessment is the identification and analysis of risks that influence the accomplishment of an organization’s objectives, and determining the risk management processes. Risk assessment involves determining the operating objectives, systematic identification of activities/ events that could prevent a business unit from achieving its objectives. We aim at creating an analytical tool that maps out the potential alarming glitches and the preventive measures to avoid those glitches.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a mandatory component of any business model. SOPs act as the process book that describes a set of procedures and protocols for a particular action. Standard Operating Procedures describe how processes execute as well as detailing the roles and resources that are involved in a particular process. We take care of SOP development by creating it, reviewing it and periodically updating the SOPs.

Operational audit is provided primarily in order to provide comprehensive picture of company to management where auditor suggest possible areas of improvement. We strongly follow guideline of ICAI in execution of internal auditing. We believe in providing value added service to companies through our expertise knowledge and experienced professionals. Our services of internal audit are designed to suit each type of business model. Keeping in mind the Risk Management framework, our internal audits adopt “Risk Based Audit” (RBA) approach and other tools and techniques for accomplishing the audit objectives.


Advantages Of Internal Audit

  1. Internal Audit is carried out with independently by third party , this enable auditor to give unbiased opinion about business, hence management can take decisions for improvement.
  2. Internal Audit can be designed to serve any particular area of focus as management want to verify.
  3. Internal Audit helps to mitigate risk of non compliances, clerical errors , fraud etc.
  4. With check points of Internal audit it helps to improving efficiency
  5. With continuous improvements it helps to financial reliability and integrity
  6. It ensure compliances with laws of land Like ( Company Act , Income Tax , VAT , GST , Excise , Lawbour law etc.)
  7. Establishes procedures


There is just no one-size-fits-all situation and the scope of work to be done would  would be specific to every client and assignment depending on the purpose it is intended to serve
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